GI Repair – What You Need to Know

gi repair

Your gi repair | Vital Nutrients tract is a complex organ that regulates your body’s immune and neurological functions. It does so by allowing food, water and nutrients in while blocking out harmful pathogens. If your GI tract is dysfunctional, it can lead to inflammation, adrenal fatigue and a range of other health conditions.

GI Repair: What You Need to Know

GI repair is the process of strengthening your gut, resolving any leaky gut issues and addressing other intestinal concerns such as dysbiosis, bile production and low stomach acid. Having a healthy digestive system is the best way to prevent disease and optimize your overall health.

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First, we need to look at your microbiome (for dysbiosis), your GI organs (for leaky gut) and any pathogens that have entered your system. If you have dysbiosis, it can affect your entire gastrointestinal system and lead to more leaky gut or other GI problems like poor digestion and inflammatory bowel syndrome.

Second, we need to address your gut-microbiome crosstalk, which regulates epithelial and immune functions of the intestine. This can influence your quality of life and contribute to mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression.

Third, we need to support the cellular repair and regeneration of your gut tissues. This can be done by ensuring you’re getting enough nourishing food in your diet as well as supplementing with the right nutrients to support your intestinal health and gut cell function.

Lastly, we need to make sure your gut bacteria are in balance and producing sufficient amounts of butyric acid. Butyric acid is one of the three most important short-chain fatty acids (SCFA) found in the human body. It’s produced by gut bacteria, and it is essential for your gastrointestinal health.