Orbot Vibe – A Floor Cleaning Machine That Does it All

orbot vibe

The Orbot Vibe – A Floor Cleaning Machine that does it all

Orbot vibe is an elegant and compact floor cleaning machine with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern industrial machine. This slick machine can handle all your floor cleaning needs from heavy commercial concrete, to light residential carpet, vinyl, stone, epoxy and wood floors and much more!

Features include an easy flip base, big wheels for easy transportation and a nifty thumb-touch control button system. The Orbot Vibe also has the most efficient cleaning system imaginable that will save you time, money and effort.

Revolutionize Your Cleaning Routine with Orbot Vibe: The Ultimate Cleaning Machine

The Orbot Vibe is a high performance floor cleaning machine incorporating our patented dual action orbital system that produces the most effective agitation in any machine of its kind. The patented design incorporates thousands of small 3/4″ orbits that spin at 1725 orbital spins per minute and rotate 360 degrees around the motor shaft at 80 rpm to generate an impressive amount of agitation to get your job done quickly and efficiently.

Designed to be the most durable and functional cleaning machine in its class, it is built for the long haul. The Vibe can withstand a wide range of cleaning conditions and is the best choice for your floorcare business.

The Orbot Vibe can be rented by the hour, day or week so you can keep your floors clean in a cost effective manner. Call today for more information!